An Edwardian house in Dulwich is remodeled around the garden to bring in daylight and blur the boundaries between inside and outside

View out of a light-filled open plan dining room and lounge onto a mature garden
Axonometric view of a rear extension to an Edwardian house with a mature garden

This transformation of an already spacious house creates a light-filled garden room and dining room along the mature garden. Arranged around an amelanchier tree the spaces provide a variety of different views over the garden and access points to the outside.

The project addresses awkward circulation and connects the central spaces better to the garden. The dining area to the back is opened up with a large glass wall while a small sympathetic extension provides an additional transition space to the garden. This was made possible by moving the utility room further towards the middle of the house.

The kitchen takes centre-stage and is now accessed directly from the main entrance hall. An ingeniously inserted high level band of screened windows provides additional daylight deep into the space.

The front room becomes a more intimate space for the children, providing room for homework, music and play.

Rear view of an extension to an Edwardian house set in a mature garden with a feature amelanchier lamarckii multi-stem tree
Detail view of a timber facade made of stained cedar wood overhanging a glazed corner
detail view of a timber-clad rear extension arranged around an amelanchier lamarckii multi-stem tree
Interior view of a light-filled lounge and kitchen with open joist ceiling and large roof lights

The ceiling joists of the garden room are left exposed to add to the height of the space and filter the light coming in through the roof lights. The direction of the joists is chosen to obscure views through the roof lights onto the adjacent building.

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view of a garden room sofa with view to bamboo hedging - open joist ceiling with roof lights above
detail of a recessed shelf with white open ceiling joists and roof light above
View into a contemporary green kitchen with a large white island and a high level slot window
detail of a contemporary light grey kitchen with slot window above


The kitchen becomes the heart of the house, through it the front room and the rear of the house are accessed.

A high level slot window brings daylight into the back of the kitchen. Slatted louvres spread the light into different directions while obscuring the view onto the side wall of the adjacent building.

A sliding door gives direct access from the kitchen to the utility room.

glass light fitting with high level slatted window screen behind
view of contemporary green and grey kitchen with slatted high level slot window above
View along a long kitchen island in a contemporary kitchen with high level window and view onto mature garden
view through contemporary kitchen onto mature garden
View across mid-century dining room with large window onto mature garden and amelanchier lamarckii multi-stem tree
lounge, working desk and shelving integrated into a large converted Edwardian front room

Pictures: Henry Woide

Floor plan showing the existing house before the works
Plan before works
Floor plan of the house after the works showing views across the garden
Plan after works