Yoga Retreat

A pavilion for exercise and mindfulness, inspired by traditional Japanese tea houses

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This small pavilion offers the owners a space to get away for some calm exercise, yet it is conveniently located at the back of a private garden. A large window opening and mirrors are placed to open views that do not meet the main house, giving the inside a feel of remoteness.

The pavilion is clad in black stained timber to showcase the plants surrounding it, evoking images of Japanese gardens with charred timber screens. The inside is paneled in ash-veneered oiled plywood and carefully placed full-height mirrors. A bespoke storage wall runs along the back of the room.

In the summer season the two tall doors either side of the space offer additional daylight and natural ventilation.

The ceiling structure is left exposed and due to the complex geometry of the pavilion joists have been paced in a triangular pattern across the roof.

Photography: Andy Matthews

Asg Am 37

Side door

Asg Am 38

Storage with integrated lighting

Asg Am 34

View out

Asg Am 35

Feature window

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