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Some of the recent feedback we have received...

Skr As 046

[...] The pair's vision and eye for the original and attention to detail has left us with a wonderful home with a wow factor [...] R2 studio managed the project for us with Anke from the practice also keeping us on track with all the decisions we needed to make and managing the detail of the choices we needed to make into the design and plans. R2 worked really well with the builders, RMC, who they helped find, through a tender process. We couldn't be happier.

Felix and Kirsten, private clients, London

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Bec Fr 11

R2 Studios cannot be recommended highly enough by us. The vision that they had for our project/renovation was nothing short or enlightening and we have loved living in the newly created space they designed for us. We would use them again in a heartbeat. From stage 1 to stage 6 of the process the R2 team were a pleasure to deal with.

Serge, private client, Beckenham

Faw As 051

We worked with R2 Studio Architects for approximately 2 years on the complete overhaul of our house, including a kitchen and loft extension. This included the design of the project, obtaining planning permission and the execution of the work. R2 were fantastic through the whole project and we would not have been able to do it without them. They provided excellent design ideas but were also indispensable in managing the practical side of the build.

F. Hogg, private client, London

Dod As 005

"...puts the "fun" into functional."

The World's Coolest Kitchens in Sunday Times Style Magazine

Brx As 013

Our favourite part of the house is the bedroom at the top of the house: how it hangs in the space - creating a surprising amount of drama in a small space; and how it manages to be both cool and fun - from the crazy alternate-step staircase to the “escape” hatch that turns a bedroom in to a tree house.

Private client, Brixton

Ber As 39

We engaged Frederik Rissom of R2 Studios to manage the planning process and to design and manage a full renovation and remodelling of our 1930s house (within a conservation area), to include a large rear extension and loft conversion.
We really enjoyed working with Frederik: he listened to our ideas and brought his own, ultimately producing a design that exceeded our expectations and created a family home that we love.
We would not hesitate to recommend Frederik and R2 Studios.

C. Riley, private client, Richmond

Mil Fr 03

"R2 Studio Architects are a little bit magic: they listen quietly, draw beautifully and then they transform your daydreams into walls and windows and floors and light and space. Frederik and the studio took the time to understand how we lived; how we wanted to live. Although the studio has a strong aesthetic and an impressive design pedigree, at no point was there any sense of an imposed ‘design agenda’: just a very creative partnership between us. R2 seem to implicitly understand that even the smallest project is a huge financial and emotional commitment that that has to be respected and honoured. Working with them was a joy. The design was stunning but equally the level of technical knowledge and skill and the relentless attention to detail in realising it was on a level I hadn’t seen before. As a direct result we have a strong and warm ‘new' home of remarkable beauty, grace and playfulness. We could not love it more."

A. Banbury, private client, London/Brighton

Gub Rh 01

"R2 Studio were a genuine pleasure to work with day to day, and really adaptable when we moved beyond design to managing contractors and getting the finishes right. I'm really glad they stayed involved throughout the project. We knew that bringing in architects would help with big and imaginative ideas, but I've learned that their attention to small details is just as important. Everything is just right, and that's a credit to Frederik and the team - not just for writing a great spec, but because they spotted and fixed things at each stage of the build that we wouldn't have detected until they turned into niggles much further down the line.”

J. Yong, private client, Herne Hill

Asg Am 13

“Frederik understood exactly what we wanted from the start and came up with many unique design features that we really loved and which we would have never come up with on our own. [...] We are extremely pleased with the outcome and are very enthusiastic about recommending R2 STUDIO to anyone looking for a skilled, dedicated and hardworking architect firm who can transform your home into something that you will get loads of compliments on! “

Private client, Richmond

Dod As 023

“Creating our new home with Frederik was a truly wonderful experience. His creativity and deep technical knowledge combined to yield a result that was actually much better than I had imagined. He listened to my priorities, addressed my concerns, respected by budget and patiently serviced my endless requests for more detail. It felt like a true collaboration, the right result was as important to him as it was to me. Architects can sometimes have a reputation for being for being inflexible and imperious. Frederik isn’t that sort of architect, he’s one of the great ones.”

J. Bell, private client, Kennington

News Dorking

“One of the highlights of our Planning meetings was a proposal for a wonderful, Scandinavian design extension and link at a property in Chichester Road. [...] In our letter to Planning we said that the architecture was so good it must be accepted. It was, and is currently being constructed. We shall recommend it for the Best Development Competition next year.”

Planning report of Dorking & District Preservation Society

Lnd 02

On advice from friends we went down the architect route rather than a design/ build firm because we felt we were lacking the creative vision with such a small space. We engaged R2 Studio Architects to manage the project end to end, from initial designs, through planning, managing the tender for building contractors and project managing the build.

We always found their approach professional, agile and innovative, always thinking outside the box and offering us a range of options that worked within our tight budget but also challenged us creatively. The risk with our build was that we ended up with a white box that looked like every other kitchen extension in East Dulwich. Instead we have ended up with a space that 'wows' our friends and family but also works practically as a home."

G. McKenna, private client, Dulwich

News Seen

"Art critic John Ruskin once said, ‘the purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.’ SEEN was therefore very intrigued by a remodelling that has taken place on the Delawyk Estate in Herne Hill. [...] The effect is harmonious and uplifting. John Ruskin would have approved."

SEEN London, online magazine

Blc Fr 03

"Working with Frederik was a pleasure. From early stage drawings and concepts, which were of a very high standard, he was full of inspirational ideas and extremely thorough in his execution of the project from start to finish. The whole project ran smoothly and painlessly, on time and on budget. I would definitely recommend Frederik and the R2 team"

M. Miller, private client, Camberwell

Adn Fr 01

“Throughout the project, Frederik provided expert advice, creative ideas and contributed greatly to the resounding success the new store has become. Frederik displayed great sensibility and understanding of the locality and worked very well with the internal project team. I would have no hesitation in commissioning Frederik again should we have a suitable project.”

A. Woods, Managing Director of Adnams plc, Southwold

News Kindergarten

“The Kindergarten had a great experience with Frederik and the team of R2 STUDIO.

They readily understood our needs and listened to our ideas. [...] R2 STUDIO drew up a exciting plans and then followed it through with us to make this project happen. They were creative, practical and always on our side with support and most importantly with solutions when things became difficult.

The result was a innovative art space flooded with light, flexible with a cool design and fiercly practical. All of that they achieved on a super tight budget. These are the architects to use if you want to get your project done and you also want it to look great! Thank you.”

Bettina Sebek, Director of the German Kindergarten London

News Kinder Lala

"To work with r2architects is a pleasure. Their work is surprising and fresh and to the point.

The best part is when Frederik gets out his sketchbook and within minutes draws up his vision while talking to his clients. Brilliant! Thank you. "

Karina Krause, owner of Kinder La La, boutique toy shop in Herne Hill

Byw R2 Studio 07

"Thank goodness we listened to Frederik. What could have turned out to be ordinary , he turned into a room that we never want to leave. We are very lucky"

" We never thought we would say this but Frederik's design imagination was worth double his fees. Whatever you do, don't tell him that”

N. Riley, private client, Dorking


R2 Studio expertly and creatively navigated us through the process of re-imagining our home. Their input from early concept designs through to construction was instrumental in delivering a successful transformation, which we continue to enjoy.

V. Beirne, private client, West Norwood