Area branding and site interventions for a vibrant industrial estate in Lambeth

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Norwood Works is the largest industrial area in Lambeth and has a significant impact on the local and regional economy. It is a vibrant and diverse business area with a simple shared mission of providing a good place to work. Norwood Works for everyone. The identity of the area is strengthened by a new branding concept which will be made visible locally through a series of large scale murals throughout the area. Unused yet prominent walls are transformed into signposts of business activity and creativity inside the area. These walls lead visitors through the area and define spaces within.

Kiba Plan

The local interventions are promoting further creative transformation of the area, helping the area to grow at its own pace to become an even better place to work. The murals are extended into a visual identity toolkit which is available to all local businesses to help promote the area.

The visual toolkit can be viewed and downloaded here.

The project is supported by Lambeth Council and the local Business Improvement District Station To Station. It has been designed collaboratively by creative design agency Strudel and R2 Studio Architects, in consultation with the local businesses.

A related project is The Power of West Norwood High Street which includes a wide range of consultation events as part of the 2020 London Festival of Architecture

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Knight's Hill Square

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Kiba Mylands Before


Kiba Mylands After

Example of how a local business could use the visual toolkit

Kiba Langmead Street

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