Dulwich Orchard House

A Dulwich Village home is reimagined around a mature orchard

Dulwich brick extension seen through pergola
Crt Visual Diagram

This project remodeled and refurbished a 1930's style house in Dulwich Village. Significant extensions were added at ground and first floors to create additional living space while presenting the house as a coherent whole - the brief was to create a home that 'looked like it has always been like this'.

The mature garden offered the opportunity to create outdoor spaces, extending the living space beyond the house itself. The addition of a garden gym and sunken terrace completes the arrangement around the existing fruit trees.

The house was insulated to achieve a performance very near to a new home. Triple glazed sliding doors were fitted to make the open plan area as energy efficient as possible and increase comfort at the same time.

The envelope and heating system was optimised to work with a single air source heat pump which is discreetly placed on the side of the building.

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