One-off Consultations and Workshops

You want to improve your spaces but don't quite know where to start? Or you are some way down the process of building a project but would like to obtain advice on a specific topic? A one-off consultation or a workshop could be a good way to unlock the process.

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Not everyone wants or needs to employ an architect for the full set of services from start to completion. Yet sometimes you may just need a few pointers on a particular problem, help to get started, or a second opinion on something you read about.

If this sounds like something that might be useful to you why not book a one-off consultation or a workshop.

These consultations have proved popular due to the low commitment and focused approach - think of them as coaching to enable you to make your own choices.


Areas we have covered in the past included for example:

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Design advice

  • Smaller design changes to connect/ separate/ enlarge spaces
  • Larger design changes - development advice

Interiors advice

  • Colour consultations
  • Interior design advice
  • Tweaks to kitchen layouts etc

Property appraisal

  • Explore property potential
  • Local constraints, e.g. conservation area, Dulwich Estate requirements

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Delivering a project

  • How to get started, how to find a team of consultants, surveys etc
  • How to put together a project plan and budget
  • Prioritising different aspects of a project, phasing
  • How to find good contractors, different routes to appoint them
  • Project risks and constraints

Technical advice

  • How to insulate your home better
  • How to select windows
  • Is a basement worth it?

We will of course tailor any consultations to your needs so would just ask for a list of issues you would like to address. You can enter these in the web form, email us at or call our studio at 020 8766 6116, whichever is easier.


Current charges for one-off consultations and workshops are as follows:

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Option A

A 1h zoom call with one of our directors to discuss the issues you wish to address and sketch/ review images as needed via screen share.

£185 + VAT

Option B

A 2h workshop at your property with one of our directors in which we visit the property with you, discuss the issues you wish to resolve, sketch with you on site and leave any notes with you at the end of the workshop.

£395 + VAT

Option C

Workshop as option B above, with added email follow-up summary.

£545 + VAT


The above costs are based on projects located in central London (zone 1-3).

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