A house in Peckham reinterprets living through an artist's lens

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Inspired by the owner's enthusiasm for early 20th century expressionist art group Die Brücke this home reinterprets contemporary living through an artist's lens. An expressive colour palette is weaved through the interior while the external form is kept very restrained and functionalist.

The house features a dramatic glass corner at the rear, arranged below a private roof terrace and wellness/ meditation area. In order to provide these spaces the rear part of the house was demolished and rebuilt as a contemporary black brick form while the front of the house retains its original Victorian features, with a colour twist.

The title of the project plays the bridging qualities of the design - linking new and old, inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs, bold and restrained.

Read the project feature in the Sunday Times

Winner of the Don't Move, Improve! 2023 Materiality and Craftsmanship Prize

Photos by Andy Stagg

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