The ingredients of a successful project

A successful project needs strong ideas and we see our role as architects to ensure these ideas can be experienced in the built project. A number of key ingredients feed into the success of any project:

New eco friendly timber house extension in South London

Design clarity

Led by careful analysis of our client's brief we will make proposals and test these rigorously to achieve clear designs. We are passionate about translating concepts into crisp details, putting it all together to create a purposeful whole.

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Family home in Crystal Palace with modern interior, tiled floor and natural light

Environmental impact

Based on years of experience and research we are proud to do 'our bit' to help reverse the negative impact of building projects on the environment. This includes the buildings themselves as well as, of course, how they can be used in the future.

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Modern white wood slat cupboard reveals a vibrant red storage space when opened

Interior design

It is from the inside that good planning is experienced - creating connections between spaces, highlighting important elements, guiding through the space and telling the story. At R2 we see interior design as a crucial component of design, using the full range of colours and materials.

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Traditional brick facade in Dulwich, Herne Hill, cleaned and repointed

Conservation areas and Dulwich Estate

We have extensive experience working in conservation areas and on the Dulwich Estate and our projects have shown how creative solutions can enhance the local context.

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R2 Studio architect on site construction, building approach

Construction expertise

We are passionate about how buildings are put together. Over the last 15 years we have seen what a difference a well-built building makes when it comes to quality of finishes, robustness of details and long-term environmental footprint.

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Our services

Full architect's services

We work across a variety of sectors ranging from refurbishments to new build and from private homes to public, educational and commercial projects. Services are always tailored to the need of each project - this page explains different service options we can offer.

We provide the full range of architectural services including:

  • Concept design studies
  • Feasibility checks, property appraisals
  • Planning applications
  • Conservation and listed building applications
  • Dulwich Estate Scheme of Management applications
  • Technical design, drawings, details and specifications
  • Interior design services
  • Colour schemes
  • Contract administration during construction
  • Site inspections through to completion

The design process:

Most projects follow a journey from wide thinking and a strategic decisions to finer details and a larger number of associated smaller decisions. We break this funnel approach down into key design stages, broadly following the RIBA plan of work.

The key design stages are:

  • Concept Design
  • Planning Design
  • Technical Design

The staged approach allows us to break down the tasks into manageable sections, each with a distinct focus. Within this framework we can tailor the service to each client’s needs, ranging from just generating a few ideas in a workshop to the full service.

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Following the design stages a project usually is priced by contractors, and a contract is set up to start the works on site. We usually act as the ‘contract administrator’ during construction. We follow progress, visit site, advise client and contractor on next steps and how to maintain clarity in what can be a challenging process.

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One-Off Consultancy

You want to improve your spaces but don't quite know where to start? Or you are some way down the process of building a project but would like to obtain advice on a specific topic? A one-off consultation or a workshop could be a good way to unlock the process. These consultations have proved popular due to the focused approach - think of them as coaching to enable you to make your own choices.

Areas we have covered in the past included for example:

Smaller design changes to connect/ separate/ enlarge spaces
Larger design changes – development advice
Colour consultations
Interior design advice
Tweaks to kitchen layouts etc.
Explore property potential
Local constraints, e.g. conservation area, Dulwich Estate requirements
How to get started, how to find a team of consultants, surveys etc.
How to put together a project plan and budget
Prioritising different aspects of a project, phasing
How to find good contractors, different routes to appoint them
Project risks and constraints
How to insulate your home better
How to select windows
Is a basement worth it?

We will of course tailor any consultations to your needs so would just ask for a list of issues you would like to address. You can enter these in the web form, email us at or call our studio at 020 8766 6116, whichever is easier.

Current charges for one-off consultations and workshops are as follows:

A 2h workshop at your property with one of our directors in which we visit the property with you, discuss the issues you wish to resolve, sketch with you on site and leave any notes with you at the end of the workshop. £395 + VAT

Workshop as option B above, with added email follow-up summary. £545 + VAT

The above costs are based on projects located in central London (zone 1-3).

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